WWDC 2022 seen from Apple Park: this is how Cupertino organized the event

Only a few minutes to go WWDC 2022, the Apple event that will begin at 7 pm (Italian time) and that you can follow and comment live with HDBlog. The rumors and indiscretions are about to give way to official announcements, and therefore it is superfluous to review the list of what we will probably see and what we will not.

More interesting, if anythingunderstand how Cupertino has organized what will be a hybrid event: the digital part is obvious, since we will all be able to follow it thanks to live streaming, but from the belly of the Apple Park there are shots that reveal the welcome that the company has given to the press and to the invited developers.


A bit like for a Champions League final, the bitten apple has arranged many chairs inside and outside a Macs cafĂ© in Apple Park in front of some big screens where it will be possible to follow the live broadcast of the keynote – which has already been recorded, and is just waiting to be aired. It is not known if Tim Cook will appear live on the scene to greet the audience or if some news will be shown live: all possibilities that we will soon be able to confirm or exclude.

As you can see from the shots you find above and below, the chairs do not seem very far apart (as we are used to seeing in times of pandemic) and Cupertino requires you to carry out a COVID-19 test before entering the ‘Apple Park and to wear a mask, while it seems that proof of vaccination is only “recommended”, and therefore not a condition impediment to actively take part in the physical event.


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