WWDC 2022, Apple turns on the engines: what to expect and how to follow the event

WWDC 2022, here we are. The day awaited by Apple developers and enthusiasts has finally arrived, the event will be held at 19 Italian time and we can follow it live here on HDblog with our – and yours – comments. It is the 33rd edition, the third consecutive to be held in digital format due to a pandemic but which for the first time since 2020 will see the presence on site of a small number of selected developers. In short, a small sign that represents the desire to return to normal. And, in addition, this format allows developers to participate in the entire event and related sessions – from 6 to 10 June – completely free of charge.


To follow the opening keynote of WWDC 2022 with us at HDblog from 18:40 you simply have to:

  • click on the live streaming video on YouTube (as usual we remind you that Apple bans the restream of its events, so our live will offer a live commentary on the conference, which you can follow from the official YouTube channel of the Cupertino house)
  • click on the Twitch video for our live
  • comment directly in the box Twitch dedicated

We will be with you before, during and after the event to comment on all the news. News that will be many, at least by listening to the rumors that have kept us company until today. Indiscretions that, of course, must be skimmed: below you will find what we believe may have the best chance of being actually announced today by Tim Cook and associates.


iOS 16

On iOS 16 (codenamed Sydney) there are few doubts, indeed, only certainties. Limited to your announcement today, we specify, because there are few, very few certainties about how the new version of Apple’s operating system will actually be. The Cupertino company has been good this year in not letting (almost) anything leak out, and we know for the moment that the first beta is expected in July and that there will be important news on the graphic interface and Full Immersion mode. And, who knows, maybe even for the Always-on Display.

iPadOS 16

Undoubtedly there will also be iPadOS 16 which will introduce the novelties of iOS 16 ed other tools expressly dedicated to Cupertino tablets. iPad is destined to become more and more similar to a portable PC, and it is said that the multitasking interface, the resizing of the windows of the individual apps and their management can be implemented, especially when three are used at the same time.

watchOS 9

For the operating system dedicated to wearables it is expected refinements more than novelty in the strict sense. In particular, Apple would have focused on optimizing performance to reduce power consumption battery as well as on improving the tracking of physical activity. Few doubts also on the debut of new screens for Apple Watch.

macOS 13

Another regular guest at WWDC is macOS, which this year arrives at v.13 (codename Rome). While waiting to discover its official name – taking a cue from a location in California, as Apple has accustomed us by now – let’s try to take stock of the upcoming news: starting from a approximation of the system preferences graphical interface to that of iOS, with a view to increasingly aligning the UI of macOS with that of mobile devices. Let’s expect some news also for individual applications, perhaps with further refinements for Messages.

tvOS 16

Very few advances on tvOS 16, but it is unlikely that the new version of the operating system will not be announced here at WWDC. We will find out everything this evening.


There could also be space for realityOS, the expected operating system dedicated to AR / VR devices that are so much talked about but which have not yet arrived on the market (and we will still have to wait). It is possible that Apple pre-announces it more than it announces itbecause as some analysts have pointed out, showing it in detail and then going out with the viewer later, perhaps in a year, could create a competitive advantage over the competition.


The MacBook that we could see tonight at WWDC is the new one Air. And little else, thanks to a revision of the TSMC roadmap that has slightly upset Apple’s plans. The rumored device is expected to offer a revamped design in style with the new MacBook Pro and iMac. However, there should be under the body still the M1 chip.

Component crisis and lockdown in China could have caused significant delays in the release of the MacBook Pro 13 with Apple M2 chip, as well as the Air, but in the M2 version. Beware of a double last-minute novelty, namely the Mac Mini M2 and the Mac Mini Tower M1 Pro. Both appeared on an online store as a further demonstration of their (possible) imminent debut.

Live finished! Thanks for joining us.

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