WhatsApp on iOS will be even more secure with the double security code

WhatsApp developers are working to improve the security of the popular messaging app, a necessary effort as scams are unfortunately on the agenda. To provide interesting advances on the new features coming are the WaBetaInfo colleagues who have identified clues in the code of a beta version for iOS.


The new feature aims to prevent loss of account control. It is a circumstance that can occur when the user is tricked into communicating the security code that WhatsApp sends via SMS when setting up the account on a new smartphone using the same phone number.

The solution that WhatsApp is developing involves sending a additional verification code.

After receiving the first security code via SMS, as is the case now, the user will see a message that reads:

The number ************** is already used for WhatsApp on another phone. To ensure that your account is under your control, you need to confirm another verification code. For added security, you must wait for the timer to finish before you can send the code. When you receive the code, enter it here.

This will always be a 6-digit code sent via SMS, but in this way the legitimate holder of the phone number will be fully aware of the new access. The function is not yet active in the beta for iOS, nor is it possible to know at the moment when it will be introduced in the stable version of the app. An enhancement of security measures is welcome, especially given that OTP scams are increasingly widespread.

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