The Sandman, we’re almost there: launch date and new trailer

We finally have a release date for The Sandmanthe Netflix TV series in gestation for quite a while inspired by the homonymous comic by Neil Gaiman released in the 90s: the entire first season, which will be divided into ten episodeswill be available on 5th August. For the occasion, the streaming platform has also released a new trailer, albeit quite short.

There is another world waiting for us when we close our eyes to sleep … a place called the “dream kingdom”, where the dream lord Sandman (Tom Sturridge) shapes our deepest fears and fantasies. But when Dream is suddenly captured and held captive for a century, his absence triggers a series of events that will forever upset the worlds of sleep and wakefulness. To restore order, he will have to cross universes and timelines to correct the mistakes made in his long existence, finding old friends and enemies and also meeting new cosmic and human entities.

Attempts to adapt Neil Gaiman’s work, seminal in the field of comics and one of the most acclaimed / award-winning ever, have been multiple over the years, but have failed – also (but not only) to Gaiman’s own objection, who on more than one occasion found the ideas proposed not up to par with the original material. This of Netflix however is the first project that is directed towards a TV series instead of a film (or a series of films), and probably given the large amount of material it is the most sensible format to do it justice.

The budget for the project is rumored to have been sky-high – so much so that it would be turned down by multiple companies, including HBO. Gaiman himself has anticipated that it will not be the exact transposition of the comic: for example, it will be set in the present day, and not in 1989. The author is involved in the project, but said he was “more than American Gods and less than Good Omens”. The cast includes:

  • Patton Oswalt (Agents of SHIELD, Ratatouille)
  • Tom Sturridge (I love Radio Rock)
  • Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones)
  • Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl)
  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste (The Good Place, Killing Eve)

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