The flop of the tweet: NFT sold by Dorsey for an astronomical sum, is now worth $ 29!

The buyer is called Sina Estaviis an Iranian crypto-entrepreneur and from the first moment it was understood that his was a move, let’s say, speculative. The intention was to resell the tweet for a higher amount. And 50 million dollars that’s definitely a lot more than 2.9 million, if math isn’t an opinion. Too bad that no one on the market had the slightest intention of spending such a sum to receive a tweet in exchange, moreover as a non-fungible token.

Of course, 25 million would have gone to charity, but the other half would have ended up in the pockets of the entrepreneur willing to finance his crypto-business. Nothing strange or illegal, but no one had the intention of appropriating the tweet for such a sum. On OpenSea it reached 30,000 dollars, but Estavi preferred to refuse the offer to wait for more propitious moments (for him).

Are you sure he did well? It does not seem, because the highest bid for the NFT has now dropped to 0.0166 ETH, which is … $ 29.

Evidently Sina Estavi does not have a great nose for business: the $ 2.9 million spent on the tweet at this point is almost lost, and this is just one of the negative aspects of her business. The two realities guided by him – Bridge Oracle and CryptoLand – they are at serious risk of closure, and Estavi himself recently spent 9 months in prison on charges of disturbing the economic system.

Who knows if a raise to (well!) 30 dollars will not allow us to bring home the first tweet in history. It sure won’t help Estavi get her business back on its feet.

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