Our writers are always keen on keeping up with the needs and demands of our readers, they work hard to update the layouts and the style of their articles with changing times and preferences. 

Robyn Burton  – Founder

When the dot com bubble burst, Robyn Burton had barely graduated from college. She entered the tech scene when there was a certain pessimism against the technology companies. It seemed like the future was not so bright after all.

However, she did not let it affect her enthusiasm for an idea she had. She went ahead and set her startup with very little means. She got the initial funding from friends and family which was barely enough to keep the show running for some months only.

But this was all Robyn wanted, within months she had built a platform that was being noticed by investors and users. It took some more time to pick up but then it just took off. Readers increased every single day and soon millions of people were using her platform. 

She is now working on integrating more features to this platform which might further simplify the shopping part for the consumers. Who knows, you might soon also be able to do more than just reading reviews on The Hobbit Pub. 

Oscar Webb Writer

No other writer than Oscar Webb has been able to write for the highly prestigious Current Technology Journal. It was his deep research and enthusiasm for more than five years that brought him where he is today. 

Having worked since an early age, Oscar knew the ins and outs of content like no other writer in the tech space. He mastered the art by trying his hand at various styles which were not even being accepted by the mainstream of the day. He stumbled upon The Hobbit Pub on one such experimental binge of his and was hired immediately as Robyn saw something in him that was rare in writers.

And Oscar proved his mettle by creating the disruption in the website content landscape in his early years itself. He came up with strategies and formulas for content writing which was previously unheard of. He believes along with creativity, even in writing there is a lot of science which many people fail to notice. 

Today, he works on trying to identify the next big trend in this space so that he can work towards capturing it for his company. And this has worked well for him till now, and we are excited to see how it plays out in future too.