Summer Game Fest, Geoff Keighley turns off the hype: important games yes but few news

How many times have we seen Geoof Keighley, in recent years, blow on the fire of the‘hype for his Summer Game Fest and for the advertisements that populate it. And so if now, a few days before the opening show on June 9th, the good Keighley invites you to moderate your expectations, it is to be believed. Evidently on the horizon, in the immediate future, there are not many announcements of unpublished titles: also because before thinking about the future, the industry must dispose of all the important titles that have been delayed by the impact of the pandemic.

Keighley, inside a Twitter Space, has in fact warned the videogame community that yes, there will be important titles – citing The Callisto Protocol, the first ever appearance of the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Gotham Knights and the Cupehead DLC. – but that at the same time some of the hypotheses that are circulating online are completely fanciful, and that the main point is that “there will be a lot of games that have already been announced“. In short, there will be no shortage of important names: only we shouldn’t expect unpublished ones. We do not know if this means that the surprises will be zero, or simply few, but in order not to get burned at this point it is better to moderate the expectations.

With the cancellation of the traditional videogame summer appointment, that is E3, as in 2020 it is the Keighley event that takes the baton: the announcements will be there, of course, but the risk is that the weight of the hype concentrated everything in the same place you create cracks. This is why Keighley must have thought for once of intervening to lower expectations instead of raising them.

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