Summer Game Fest 2022 begins: follow the opening with us | LIVE

Summer hasn’t officially started yet (even if the heat of these days does not think so!), but the videogame summer yes! Sony’s State of Play earlier this month kicked off the ad season and the setting for the Summer Game Festthe now traditional June appointment that is gaining more and more importance in the gaming scene, especially in years in which the E3 formula is faded or completely absent, as in the case of this year.

This evening at 20:00 the official start of the event led by Geoff Keighley and U.S we will follow the opening event live on our Twitch channel starting at 7.40pm. Although, as anticipated, the Summer Game Fest has already actually started with the Sony event, it will be tonight’s presentation that will kick off the actual festival, so this is an appointment not to be missed.

Keighley nevertheless wanted to contain expectations, stating that most of the announcements will still be linked to titles already presented; so let’s not expect a barrage of unreleased trailers, but further insights and confirmations regarding many games we already know. Sure, there should be room for some brand new announcements anyway, but these will weigh on a very small portion of the show. So see you tonight at 19:40 on this page or on our official channel!

We remind you that the best way to interact with us during live shows is to use Twitch chat (you can find it under the player, don’t forget to register).

Live in progress! The page will update automatically.