Solid state batteries, Solid Power begins pilot production

We’ve talked about solid state batteries several times and we’ve seen all the latest advances, at least on paper, from the companies that are working on them. Now comes an interesting piece of news regarding Solid Power, a Colorado-based company that is developing its solid-state battery technology and in which manufacturers of the caliber of Ford and BMW have invested. This company announced that it has pilot production started a cell equipped with this new technology that promises to offer owners of electric vehicles more range and shorter charging times, at a lower cost.

One of the advantages of the technology developed by Solid Power is that its cells can be built using the ei tools processes exploited for current batteries. This means that it is not necessary to install new systems or heavily modify the current ones. All of this should translate into lower costs for producing the new cells.

Solid Power’s pilot production line will make batteries in small quantities for internal testing, as the company is working to refine the battery design and refine its manufacturing approach. CEO Doug Campbell said his company aims to ship the first batteries to its partners such as BMW and Ford for vehicle testing as early as the end of 2022. This is a key step in getting the cells validated before making it to production. mass.

The CEO expects that the first cars equipped with Solid Power’s solid-state cells will be able to debut on the road within a few years (in the past there was talk of mass production of the cells in 2026). From a technical point of view, we still know little about these new accumulators: the cells will use an NCM (nickel-cobalt-manganese) cathode and an anode with a high silicon content. It is possible that as the tests progress, Solid Power will provide more details.

Of course, this company isn’t the only one working on such technology. Indeed, Solid Power itself admits that there is great competition in this field. For example, QuantumScape is certainly one of the most active companies, which is supported by Volkswagen.

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