Samsung sued for predicting battery life

Is called K. Mirza LLC the company that deals with the management of patents and that has just announced that it has filed a lawsuit against Samsung last May 20. The reason? A function that is very common in the smartphone market, namely the algorithm capable of estimating the remaining battery life of a device.

According to the reconstruction provided by K. Mirza LLC, the solution adopted by Samsung would constitute the infringement of a patent registered by the Dutch research institute Nederlandse Organisatie voor Togepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoe (TNO). The forecasts generated by the disputed function are based on algorithms that analyze user behavior and thus make it possible to obtain significantly more significant data than those obtained simply from tests conducted by manufacturers.

It is not clear exactly how many and which Samsung devices fall within the dispute advanced by K. Mirza LLC, which in the short press release issued on its official website (you can find it at the link in SOURCE) uses a very vague formula to indicate them, limiting itself to specify that the battery life prediction function as implemented in the Samsung devices in older versions of the Android operating system (and here too it is not explicit what the precise references are) constitute a patent infringement. It therefore seems that the most recent Samsung smartphones have implemented solutions to achieve the same result using other algorithms, and are therefore not the subject of the lawsuit, but the scenario in general has still vague margins at the moment.

Another opaque aspect of the question concerns the fact that the function in question has actually been integrated over time by many manufacturers: but at this point it is possible that K. Mirza LLC has identified only in the Samsung version of the correspondences in the code and in the operation such as to sue the Korean giant in court. Or that in the future the grievance will fatally extend to other companies as well. We will see: at the moment the story is only just beginning, Samsung (which among other things holds the record of patents filed in 2021) has not yet released official statements on the matter.

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