Samsung improves SmartThings with the launch of Home Life

Samsung announced today at Bespoke Home 2022 SmartThings Home Lifethat offers “a more holistic smart home experience for consumers around the world”. SmartThings Home Life will be launched in 97 countries at the end of June (we don’t know if Italy is among them, but it should) within the SmartThings app, where will centralize the control of appliances and services of the Samsung ecosystem for the smart home integrating six “areas” of SmartThings: Cooking, Energy, Clothing Care, Pet Care, Air Care and Home Care.

Our goal is to leverage the connections between different smart devices to enrich and simplify daily routines – said Chanwoo Park, Executive Vice President and Head of IoT Business Group of the Digital Appliances Business by Samsung Electronics. The global launch of SmartThings Home Life will enrich our services and allow users around the world to focus less on daily activities and more on enjoying every moment of life.

Together with SmartThings Home Life, Samsung has announced a update firmware that will arrive in July on Family Hub refrigerators, arrived in Italy in 2017. The promise is to offer more entertainment possibilities and intelligent functions for the kitchen, but in the short term none of the news seems to concern Italy. We will need to be patient.

With Smart Reorders US customers subscribed to Amazon Prime will be able to order new water filters more easily, while together with Korean customers they will be able to use Samsung TV Plus of Family Hub refrigerators to entertain themselves with streaming programs of all kinds.

Dual AI Voice Assistant will allow customers in the US and Canada to invoke Amazon’s Alexa and Samsung’s Bixby on a single device. An upgrade to Family Hub’s food recognition technology will allow for better identification and management of food and drink in the US and Korea.

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