Resident Evil: here is the new trailer of the TV series available on Netflix from July 14th

TV series derived from video games are no longer a novelty, but when it comes to Resident Evil, a title from which some films for the big screen have also been made, the attention is really high. Hordes of fans can’t wait for July 14 to arrive, the day when on Netflix it will finally be possible to press the play button on this new project: the second on the theme of the Capcom video game arrived on the famous streaming platform after Resident Evil Infinite Darkness .

To pass the wait, just over a month after its release, Netflix has released a new trailer. He did it during Geeked Week 2022, providing some new elements regarding the story which, let’s remember, is original and derives only indirectly from the famous videogame saga.

The first season of Resident Evil will consist of 8 episodes and will show the exploits of Billie and Jade Wesker, two sisters who move to Racoon City in 2022 and who, once they become adults, in 2036, try to survive in a world where most people have been infected with the terrible T-Virus escaped from the Umbrella Corporation labs.

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