One UI 5.0 will be a splinter: Samsung works on speed

For a few years now Samsung is among the fastest manufacturers to deliver firmware updates to smartphones and tablets. It is often the fastest ever: it was this month, with the first firmware with June security patches shipped as early as May 23, and the same can be said for many of the previous events. It is therefore not surprising that in Seoul – as elsewhere, we are sure – the next version is being worked on of the customization of Google’s green robot, the one that will be built on Android 13.

Already in April the colleagues of reported that the preparations for the beta of One UI 5.0 – the interface based on Android 13 will be called – had been underway for several weeks. On the news from the company there is, understandably, the most total secrecy, but once again the colleagues who closely observe the evolutions in the Samsung landscape have managed to get one in advance “spoiler” not negligible on One UI 5.0.

Citing sources who preferred to remain anonymous, colleagues say Samsung’s next UI will be faster than its predecessors. And not a little: “The speed of the animations will improve considerably”they wrote, stating that the goal to make it more agile, faster and smoother it was one of the first that the people in charge of the interface faced at the beginning of development.

The feeling of having something different in your hands, a smartphone or a tablet different from the update onwards, it will be more noticeable in devices with a high refresh rate screen. “The user experience will be impressive”, they write bluntly after talking to someone evidently involved in the development of One UI 5.0. As for the timesSamsung could follow those of the current interface, unveiled in October during the SDC 2021 and released in beta shortly after.