On iOS and macOS independent security updates from the release of the new firmware

With iOS 16Apple will take it one step further to make its iPhone operating system an environment constantly safe. Today, security corrections travel together to individual iOS updates, which means that, unless there are exceptions, any flaws in the operating system barriers are resolved by the next firmware.

On iOS 16 security updates they will travel on another track, will be independent of the firmware, so as to facilitate and speed up the application of corrections on the iPhone operating system and make it understandably more secure. For example, Apple could release an update to iOS and the next day resolve a critical issue that emerged shortly after the rollout without necessarily having to develop a new version of the operating system, as is currently the case. Apple will be able to intervene more quickly.

Moreover, it is a novelty in full Apple style: it operates independently, without asking the customer for any action. Going up Settings, General, Software update And Automatic updates, on iOS 16 a new option will appear called Install System and Data Fileswhich if enabled (and will be by default) will give the system the option to download and install security updates automaticallywithout the customer having to take on any thought.

A similar novelty is also reported on macOS Ventura or macOS 13.0, where the Rapid Security Response promises “major improvements to device security even faster”writes Apple in the summary of the news. “Enhancements can be applied automatically alongside regular updates, without the need for a reboot.” The description may be clearer than how Apple packaged it, so we’ll have to wait for the beta to learn more and better.

Developer previews of iOS 16 and macOS Ventura are now available to Apple Developer Program members, while the former public betas they will be available to everyone next month. The stable version of iOS 16, as usual, will be available in the fall as a software update for iPhone 8 and later. Here the article with the news of the operating system.

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