Official Apple watchOS 9: more watchface, more interactivity and more convenience

Apple immediately rocketed with iOS 16 at WWDC 2022 (follow it with us live!), But now it’s time to talk about the Apple Watch – more precisely the new version of its operating system, watchOS 9. The novelties are different, starting with four new watchfaces (technically three: the Astronomy was already there, but it was virtually redesigned from scratch) and one with a lunar theme), new complications, redesigned interface for Siri and restyling of notifications.

Apple has revamped several integrated apps, most notably Workout. The app, which allows you to keep track of your training. There are three new parameters to evaluate a running session, for example, using integrated sensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope. Thanks to the heart rate sensor, watchOS now offers heart zones, allows you to set the distance and time interval for each session / exercise; the signals of achievement of the goal arrive thanks to haptic feedback and acoustic notifications. Many of these new features also work for other types of sports, not just running. And there is also a mode designed specifically for triathletes that is able to automatically switch between cycling and running and swimming.

Apple has also added sleep phase tracking such as REM, deep and fundamental, while in the ECG we have the history of atrial fibrillation (AFib), also downloadable in PDF format. The Medicine app has also been updated, which now in tandem with the iPhone is able to better manage medication intake plans even on the move. In the USA, the user is also notified of any drug interactions if they are taken more simultaneously.

For the rest:

  • Notifications are less intrusive, thanks to thinner, but always easily identifiable banners
  • Double pinch now has more capabilities: for example answer or end a call, take a photo, pause or resume playback of content, and more.
  • On Apple Watch Series 7, the QWERTY keyboard now supports 7 new languages, including Italian (there are also French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Mexican Spanish, Spanish and Latin American, and Japanese)
  • New dock for open apps that is easier to use
  • The Reminders app allows you to edit key event details such as date, time, location, tags and notes.
  • The Calendar app allows you to create events directly from the clock.


watchOS 9 will arrive later this fall; will be supported all Apple Watches from 4 onwards. You will need at least an iPhone 8 or a second generation iPhone SE updated to iOS 16. Betas are already available for developers; the first public beta will arrive next month

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