Mac mini, two new models spotted on the net, one with Apple Silicon M2

All eyes are on WWDC 2022 which will kick off at 19.00 today, meanwhile on the net there are interesting clues about the future products of the Cupertino house, some of which could be made official on the occasion of the event.

In the last few hours, for example, there has been talk of the new Mac mini, following the sighting of two models at the B&H online store Photo, official Apple reseller. The pages dedicated to the two products are rather sparse in details, but the descriptions are quite eloquent and in both cases reference is made to products coming soon.


One of the two is identified as Apple Mac mini 8/256 M2. It would therefore be the most often mentioned new model equipped with Apple Silicon M2 chip destined to take the place of the current Mac mini with M1.

On the other hand, it is a bit more complicated to establish the exact nature of theApple Mac mini tower 8/256 M1P. The abbreviation M1P suggests that it will be based on Apple’s M1 Pro chip, while that “tower” may mean that it has more generous dimensions than the “basic” Mac mini, although it remains to be determined how its form factor would differ from that. of the Mac Studio configurable with M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips. Among the various hypotheses it is hypothesized that it could also be the Mac Pro with Apple Silicon chip even if it is strange that Apple has given up the historical name – it is also true that we must not take it literally the indications of an online store that is preparing the product sheets in view of marketing.

It should be noted that both Mac minis, last April, were indicated as close to debut by an authoritative source such as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Now it remains to be seen if the launch will take place today, during the developer conference, or at a later time. However, the fact that B&H Photo has already included the two products in the list suggests that distribution is close.

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