Lamborghini Urus reaches 20,000 units in just 4 years

That the mighty Urus SUV was destined to grind record after record at Casa Lamborghini, also and above all in production, was basically quite obvious. After all, this is the first volume model which, although exclusive in terms of features and price, faces a market with very different numbers compared to those of the supercars with which the Casa del Toro has been on the market since ’63. As proof of this, with 20,000 units baked from a specially built department in the Sant’Agata Bolognese complex in just 4 years, Urus is already the most produced Lamborghini model todayand in the shortest time, ever.


Presented to the world clientele with a Tour that touched 114 cities around the world in just 4 months, Urus brought a veritable horde of new customers to Lamborghini, approximately 70% of the orders came from people who had never purchased other Sant’Agata models. The mighty and lightning-fast SUV doubled annual volumes and generated another 500 jobs, taking the brand’s image to a new level of popularity.

Contributing to its decidedly extreme reputation were some noteworthy feats such as the ice speed record set 2 years ago in Russia on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal in Russia, and the overcoming of Umling La in India, the highest passable road. with motor vehicles, which reaches an altitude of over 5,800 m above sea level.


Although born on a basis shared with other SUVs of the Volkswagen group and using an engine, the V8 4.0 biturbo with over 600 HP, widely used on the top of the range of the Audi and Bentley brands, Urus has a peculiar design specific point and the same care for personalization reserved for more traditional models.

The Ad Personam program is particularly popular which includes among the most popular colors Telesto Gray, Cepheus Blue and Pasifae Purple, to which is added the Graphite capsule collection such as Noctis Matt black and Pearl such as Orange Borealis. The 20,000th model, which came out of the factory only yesterday, was painted in Viola Mithras with black brake calipers and a panoramic roof and was ordered by a customer in Azerbaijan.

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