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It’s called Hyundai N Driving Experience and it’s the circuit version of one of the many packages dedicated to those looking for safe driving courses and sports driving courses. After putting the Winter Driving Experience to the test, with plug-in hybrid and electric SUVs, this time we return to our origins in one of the tracks where the Koreans organize the experiences: the Monza racetrack.


Given that you do not need to be a Hyundai customer to participate in the N Driving Experience, indeed it can be an opportunity for a test drive where you can scramble the car in complete safety, there are two packages available and they change depending on the car you will drive:

  • Hyundai i30 N (€ 529) – Hyundai i20 N (€ 429): 1 day and a half (1 night), including hotel and 3 meals. Any accompanying person pays € 200 in a double room including breakfast, access to the track area and catering, but without guide activities.
  • Hyundai i30 N (€ 899) – Hyundai i20 N (€ 799): “Level 2” package for non-novice users, lasts 2 and a half days and includes 2 nights in hotel and 6 meals. The accompanying person pays 400 € under the same conditions as the previous package.

The only exception is the Nordschleifethe experience at the Nurburgring that costs € 999 for i30 N or Kona N and € 899 for i20 N. All details are available on this page.

The Track Experience is the complete program: food, accommodation, vehicle control and safety exercises and laps on the track. There is also a cheaper formula, but this does not mean that it is not formative. This is the N-Experience: at the wheel of Hyundai’s N range, safety and vehicle control exercises are tackled on the track.

The program runs out in a day (from 09.00 to 16.00) and the price is € 99 per person, lunch included.


Participants are followed by the instructor (and possibly the translator) in all the exercises with personalized advice and indications. Theory is important, and for this there is a session that starts from the basics and ends at driving on the track. The groups are of maximum 10 people so that the instructors can focus on the different needs of the participants.

I don’t spend any more words on the preparation of the instructors because the group is exactly the same that travels in the various locations and in the various circuits. I suggest you read the chapter “the instructors” written on the occasion of the Winter Experience:

Is the Hyundai Driving Experience intended for Hyundai customers only? No, anyone can buy the package, from the owner of any car in the range to those who are a simple sympathizer who wants to try a model among those of the N range (and not only), or who is looking for the opportunity for a more complete before making a decision.

Without forgetting those who want to take advantage of the opportunity to learn how to react better in case of emergency driving situations.


The Hyundai N range is today declined in four models: Hyundai i30 N (and the Fastback) was the first to be born, recently it saw an update that reduced the options proposing it only with the automatic gearbox, which however does not absolutely regret the absence of a manual in the range.

Kona N proposes the same engine as its low-wheel sister and, to the great surprise of many (including Tarquini as he revealed to us during the event), it is one of the few crossovers that can truly be defined as sporty. Before you comment, please try …

Finally, there is the i20 N, representative of a lower segment, that of the hot hatch with about 200 HP. Here you can choose the manual gearbox and the i20 N is one of the few representatives of this niche, a niche that has seen it winner in Italy because among the B segment performance was that best sellingbeating Ford Fiesta ST and Toyota GR Yaris.

It is also interesting to note how all models in the Hyundai N range replicate the same formula for the warranty from the traditional range: 5 years and unlimited kilometers. Similarly, the Korean Ns do not give up on the comfort of road models, offering the same connection capabilities with smartphones for infotainment and the same equipment as ADAS for active safety and semi-autonomous driving, thus making them truly capable of expressing both the street soul and the “racetrack” soul.


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