Honda-Sony: independent joint venture for electric cars and digital services

Great maneuvers, even if in the silence of the electricity-powered engines. It happens on the Japanese front of the car world, where Honda and Sony are pursuing next-generation vehicle projects together. And this is just the beginning: the joint venture, in fact, aims to become “independent” and intends to do so with an IPO.

To reiterate this in recent days, it was directly the president and CEO of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida. The high representative of the Japanese company was asked for a comment on the hypothesis of a public offer (or on the entry of other companies in the shareholding structure) and Yoshida admitted that this could be a possibility: “We believe that in the long run it is better to make the joint venture independent rather than entrusting it to Sony or Honda“.


The time schedule set by Sony and Honda provides that the joint venture will see the light by the end of 2022, to arrive with the first electric models on the market by 2025. Sony, in particular, will have the task of designing and developing programs and contents for the entertainment of those traveling on the vehicle of the future, while Honda will take care of the aspects related to the construction of the actual car. “Mobility – Yoshida himself reiterated – is becoming more and more a service“.


At the project level, however, Sony is looking even further: in the past it has already stated that the long-term goal is to reach one billion customers through entertainment or other services. And in 2021, for the first time, games and network services, films and music exceeded 50% of the turnover of the Japanese company, thus putting the electronics from which everything was born in the background.

The future is called – even in these parts – metaverse. A world, concludes Yoshida, that “has the power to integrate games, music and e-commerce“. Also in this field, Sony is ready to play its game.

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