Gordon Murray: after the V12 supercars, two electric SUVs

Gordon Murray’s T.50 and T.33 supercars are true masterpieces. Apparently, the Gordon Murray Group is working on expanding its operations and has already begun to develop two further new models. It will be about SUV equipped with a 100% electric powertrain. We don’t know much about these vehicles but through Autocar who had the opportunity to speak with Murray, some first interesting details emerged.

According to reports, Murray said these SUVs would “changed the way we think about range anxiety and vehicle dynamics“This statement may suggest that these cars may have some characteristics typical of the models developed by the former Formula 1 engineer, namely lightness, aerodynamic efficiency and driving dynamics of the highest level.

Apparently, the first SUV will have front-wheel drive and offer 4 seats. The second, however, will offer four-wheel drive and five seats. One would think that the first model can be characterized by the presence of a single electric motor, while the second for a powertrain with at least 2 electric motors. This is, of course, a hypothesis since Murray did not want to say anything specific about the specifications.

However, according to the report, the first SUV will be sold directly under the Gordon Murray brand, while the second will be marketed by another manufacturer, currently not yet specified. Obviously very interesting projects which will probably be known more over the next few months.

These new cars are part of the Gordon Murray Group’s ambitious expansion plan which was unveiled in 2021. A plan which involves an investment of 300 million pounds (approximately 350 million euros) over 5 years and which also includes the construction of a state-of-the-art campus in Windlesham, Surrey (England). At the time, it was reported that one was in development new light and efficient electric vehicle architecture which would also have been the basis of a “small SUV” with a size of just under 4 meters. The new cars will feature a structural battery pack.

And on the supercar front, in 2026 the arrival of a new model with a hybrid powertrain seems to be confirmed. All that remains is to wait for further news.

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