Google Pixel 6a on sale before launch: here is the unboxing

Pixel 6a was presented by Google on the occasion of I / 0 2022, but it will not arrive on the market before next July 28th. Yet on the net there are already those who have managed to get hold of a certain number of pieces of the new Pixel mid-range and are putting them up for sale. It also appears that the same person posted a unboxing video smartphone.


The marketing of the Pixel 6a seems to be attributable to a Malaysian user, who used the Facebook Marketplace to find potential buyers. At the same time he published an unboxing video on TikTok that allows you to take a look at the smartphone and the contents of the package. As a side note it must be said that the models shown in the video do not seem to be prototypes at all, like the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro recently put on sale on eBay, but devices ready to reach the market.

There the amount requested for a single unit is equal to RM 2,200-2,300, that is to say about 470-490 euros (direct exchange, excluding taxes). It seems that the user who proposed the terminals is a reseller since his profile shows that he also has other electronic devices for sale in addition to Pixel 6a. Another question is answering the question of how he managed to get hold of the products. It is not excluded that, as happened with the Pixel 7 models sold on eBay, Google may decide to block them remotely, so buying one may not turn out to be a good deal.

It was Google itself that forged ahead with the Pixel 6a by mistakenly publishing the official unboxing video and then removing it. Now you can take a look at a movie with similar content but made by a third party:

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