God of War Ragnarok takes a hit: it will be super complex, word of Thor

God of War Ragnarok is one of the most anticipated titles by PlayStation users, even if more certain indications on the release date continue to be lacking. The game currently in development at Sony Monica Studio (software house of the PlayStation Studios division) is back in the spotlight at the Comic Con Revolution which took place at the end of last month.


To provide some more details on the new chapter of the successful saga was none other than the God of Thunder. More or less: it was in fact talking Ryan Hurst, the actor who will play Thor in the game. Hurst described God of War Ragnarok as a rich and super complex productiona definition that also refers to motion capture sessions that the actor has already completed. Hurst further confirmed that he had also completed the last stages of dubbing – extra dialogues and previous sessions that needed to be re-recorded.

In the interview Hurst explains also how he decided to participate in the production:

they simply offered it to me. The two creators of the game came to my house for about five hours and showed me all the artwork and described the story of the whole video game which was super complex and rich in elements. I always like to experiment with new things, so doing motion capture for a video game was a lot of fun.

Mouths stitched on the release date, but confirmations provided by the actor suggest that key stages of production, such as the aforementioned motion capture and dubbing sessions, are nearing completion. God of War Ragnarok was certified in Saudi Arabia last December and the debut could take place by the end of the year, but there are no certainties about it.

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