Fight against counterfeiting: what Amazon is doing to protect customers and companies

Amazon published the according to the Trademark Protection Report illustrating the initiatives undertaken to combat the sale of counterfeit products through its store.

The report opens with the data of the 900 million dollars invested and the more than 12,000 people (including machine learning experts, software developers and investigators) employed by Amazon in 2021 to combat the phenomenon. He then goes on to list the progress made in the field of proactive controls to prevent counterfeit products from reaching the store, of tools that allow companies to collaborate with Amazon to protect their brands, and legal actions taken against counterfeiters. Dharmesh Mehta, Amazon’s vice president of Selling Partner Services, commented:

I am proud of the incredible work our team has done – in partnership with right holders, law enforcement and others – to ensure that our store is a place where customers can continue shopping with confidence. While we are proud of the results we have achieved, we will not stop until we have eliminated counterfeits in our store.

More specifically, the online sales giant confirms that:

  • in 2021 blocked over 2.5 million suspicious selling accounts before they even offered one product for sale. The figure is down from the previous year’s 6 million accounts – according to Amazon because controls are deterring bad guys from offering counterfeit products;
  • the Marche Registry has expanded to include 700,000 brands (+ 40% compared to the previous year). At the same time, the average number of breach reports sent to Amazon decreased by 25% compared to 2020 – again thanks to the effectiveness of the controls, according to Amazon;
  • have been took numerous legal actions against counterfeiters by the Amazon unit dedicated to Crimes against Counterfeiting (CCU) created in 2020. + 300% compared to 2020. More specifically, in 2021 Amazon:
    • filed civil lawsuits against more than 170 counterfeiters in the United States
    • has sued or reported to the authorities over 600 counterfeiters in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union and China
  • has identified, blocked and disposed of over 3 million counterfeit products. These are both products arrived in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and products present in warehouses and factories of counterfeiters that Amazon has helped to identify in collaboration with companies and law enforcement agencies;
  • incentivized by recommendations new forms of public-private collaboration to counter the phenomenon. For example, he called on companies to exchange information with each other and with customs to stop counterfeiters.

Amazon’s actions have not gone unnoticed by Italian institutions which, through the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police, underline:

The Criminal Analysis Service promotes integrated inter-force anti-counterfeiting projects, with the involvement of the Prefectures and with the fundamental contribution of the police forces and local police forces. The evolution of online markets has created new challenges that we are facing with a multidisciplinary collaboration with public and private actors. In this context, the collaboration with Amazon stands out, which has proved to be an important partner to deepen knowledge of the phenomenon in order to develop targeted contrast strategies.

The new Trademark Protection Report can be consulted via the link in SOURCE.

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