Endothermic sales from 2035: yes of the European Parliament

The European Parliament he said yes to the stop to the sales of endothermic cars from 2035. With 339 votes in favor, 249 against and 24 abstentions passed the proposal of the European Commission which has caused a lot of discussion in recent months and which is one of the pillars of the Fit for 55 package which includes a range of measures to combat climate change. The favorable vote was not taken for granted. As we have seen, Parliament had presented itself split on the eve of the vote. In particular, an amendment was presented by the EPP (European People’s Party) which proposed reducing the cut in polluting emissions from 100% to 90% to allow the life of endothermic models to be extended. A way to give “breath” to all those companies that work in the automotive sector and which could be heavily penalized by the “race” towards electrification. The amendment to save specific niche producers (such as those present in the Italian motor valley) did not even pass

Precisely in this regard, the Italian Government, as well as the trade associations, had expressed its concern several times, underlining the error of wanting to focus only on the electric and reiterating the concept of “technological neutrality” several times, that is the possibility of use other technologies to decarbonise transport.

But with a certainly not large majority that clearly highlights the split within the European Parliament on the issue, the Commission’s proposal had a green light.

The path to final approval is certainly not finished, indeed, there are still several steps to be taken. However, approval by the European Parliament is certainly a very important achievement.

Now, the text will be subjected to what is called “trilogue“Basically, it’s about the negotiations between the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament. Therefore, the discussions are not over. Certainly, the first reactions to the result of the vote will arrive in the next few hours.

It must be said that if the proposal to stop the sale of endothermic plants from 2035 has received the green light, the report on the reform of the EU Ets market has been rejected. Ets are the emission rights that can be traded on the market. Virtuous companies can sell part of their shares on the market to less virtuous companies. The report will return to the Environment Committee.

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