Electric cars inspired by Greek mythology: Olymp’s (almost) all European project

“We want to offer our customers cheap electric cars but with German or Austrian quality standards”. It is the stated goal of Elias Skodras, co founder of Olymp Cars and number one of Modern Drive, an Austrian company that, together with abo-drive, is behind the new start-up that wants to have its say in the electric car market.

The Greek origins of Skodras have suggested its name and will suggest those to be given to the Olymp models, inspired by Greek mythology. There is material. The first zero-emission car will be a commercial vehicle, which could not fail to borrow the name of the god of commerce, Hermes.

But the plans are already clear: there will be one compact car named Selene, a familiar named Hera and the SUV Ares of the image above, for which 600 km of autonomy are promised, 80% of the charge with 20 minutes at the grip and 160 km / h of maximum speed.


There platform there is already: Hephaestus, as the god of ingenuity. In fact it is modular as the recent market standards require: it can accommodate batteries that will guarantee autonomies included between 450 and 700 km and electric motors that they will make powers up to 350 hp. For the design of the vehicles we turned to collaborators with consolidated experience – some have a past in Volvo and Porsche – in order to have lines that are as European as possible.

As well as European will be the DNA of the cars. Skodras cited German, Austrian and even partners Italians for the assembly of the first vehicles, in which oriental blood will inevitably flow: the batteries will be made in China. Something in the Old Continent is starting to move, but the time is not yet ripe to do without the precious oriental accumulators. Olymp plans to offer the cars in leasing and rental, as well as in the classic formula of purchase in cash or with financing.


If all goes smoothly, Olymp Cars should present itself to the general public along with the first projects in the spring of 2023and at that point the production of Hermes, the commercial vehicle, should start in mid-2023. Olymp’s aims are ambitious: in addition to making itself known with a wide range of zero-emission cars, for the medium / long-term future it will works on some hydrogen powered models.

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