Cheap Chromecast, is that you? Zero cables to connect to the screen and 1080p

Rumors have been circulating for months that Google is working on a new streaming device. It would be a new one economic version of the Chromecast which should go alongside the one that has been regularly on the market for years.

From the leaked information it seems that we are dealing with a Chromecast device with Google TV. Further confirmations regarding these characteristics come from the documentation filed by Google with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). The documentation presented by Google also shows a technical scheme from which it emerges how the device does not need any cables to connect to the display (unlike the current model, see opening image): the only one is the USB one needed to power the device.

Naturally, a remote control is also provided for remote control. The declared resolution is 1080p and 60Hz. Note that submitting the documentation to the FCC does not confirm that the device actually arrives on the market. In addition, there is not even the absolute certainty that it is a Chromecast: at the moment the official name in the documentation is Google G454Vnothing else, and it is known that it is a wireless product with dual band 802.11ac WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth LE.

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