Bugatti Rimac merger will do everyone good according to CEO Mate Rimac

The future of the automobile proceeds silently, but is on its way to new goals at ever faster speeds. One of the latest demonstrations in this sense is represented by the announced merger between a historic brand like Bugatti (French, but with deep Italian roots in its history) and a more recent – but decidedly lively – protagonist like Rimac, the Croatian car manufacturer that develops and produces high-performance electric cars.

A “marriage” that puts the two companies in front of a rosy future, as the managing director Mate Rimac guarantees, as reported by the Autocar magazine. At the beginning of this adventure, in fact, the Volkswagen group appeared rather reluctant towards new commitments and investments for Bugatti on the electric vehicle front. And it is precisely on this situation that Rimac has decided to bet. Also aiming at reducing production costs. “The merger – reiterated the manager – it is a decision that benefits everyone“.


And Mate Rimac himself has developed his thinking in detail. “The merger is a win for us, we can have a wonderful brand with a 113-year tradition“. But according to the CEO of the fledgling auto company, the decision also represents a victory for VolkswagenWhy “Bugatti has a great future ahead of it and we will keep costs under control“.


A third element – last but not least – concerns the people around Bugatti-Rimac, both in terms of workers and in terms of potential buyers. The merger, Rimac continues, represents “a victory for the employees, because we expand, but also for the customers: we have exciting new products on the way for them. We not only expect to move forward, but also to thrive“.

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