Battlefield 2042, Season 1 “Zero Hour” begins: but for players it’s “Zero Content”

To put it in military terms, Battlefield 2042 a bit like the Waterloo of the franchise. In fact, the game had a decidedly difficult start and never took off, setting negative records on Steam and prompting the community of fans to abandon it in a hurry, like a sinking ship, turning back to the previous chapters.

There Season 1, which could have been the last chance of salvation with an injection of content and gameplay changes, which was postponed from spring to summer. And now that we are finally on the eve of its start – slated for tomorrow, Thursday 9 June -, the mood of the troops remains at an all-time low.


The name chosen for Season 1, “Zero Hour“, perhaps he wanted to communicate a reset, a new starting point for the game. But the truth that it soon turned into the bank for easy ironies, since many players on Twitter have already renamed it”Zero Content“. The controversy that already inflames the community, in fact, has as its focal point the contents proposed by DICE to try to push the title: un new specialist, a new map, a new operation, stealth helicopters and the first Battle Pass to name the main additions.

Not very little, of course, but the point that this is the first addition of content to the game about seven months after its launch: many, even before trying it firsthand, think that at this point it is simply too little and too late.

The discontent is fueled by merciless confrontation with the first DLC of the much more successful Battlefield 1which instead proposed a new faction of the French army, four new multiplayer maps (instead of one), two new operations, a new game mode and class and much more.

In short, a few hours from the start of the battle, there are many deserters on the front. We’ll see if, once hostilities open, Battlefield 2042 will finally be able to convince skeptics, or if instead it will definitively mark the lowest point of the historic franchise, forcing EA to radically rethink it in future iterations: the transformation into a Game-as-a- platform. service, however, a natural process given industry trends and essentially unavoidable. But other conditions are needed to attempt success.

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